SUSE Manager

Getting ready for a world of compliant containers

As more and more applications are developed and deployed using containers, it is important for IT Operations and DevOps teams to be able to manage the container infrastructure. They must also ensure that these containers maintain and adhere to their internal security and compliance regulations. SUSE Manager, delivers best-in-class open source infrastructure management with new enhancements focused on improving DevOps efficiency with enhanced management of software templates and compliance, in hybrid cloud and container infrastructures. Join us to learn more about how SUSE Manager can help you get ready for a world of compliant containers.

Order of Business:

Usually, while we watch a video, or just listen to audio, we eat lunch. Then we have general discussions that usually cover additional topics.

Lunch provided


J. Greene's Pub
10017 Manchester Road
St. Louis, MO 63122
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Wednesday August 16th, 2017

from 11:30AM till 1:00PM Central Time


Saint Louis MO - Novell Users Group

The Saint Louis MO, Novell Users Group (SNUG) meets monthly during lunch to talk about Novell, openSUSE Linux, and SUSE Linux.

The St. Louis Novell Users Group (SNUG) usually holds its meetings on the third Wednesday of every month. Meetings are free and open to everyone. There is no fee to be a member. However, seating may be limited; so, please RSVP Gary Hollingsworth by mailto:garyh -at- itinet.com

SNUG is a chartered users group under NUI (Novell Users International), which is an independent, not-for-profit professional society designed to foster communication among Novell users. Members include Novell Networking professionals, students, and others who are interested in SuSE Linux and Novell's other products and services.

The St. Louis Novell Users Group (SNUG) exists to provide up-to-date information about Novell, its products, partners, and to provide answers to technical questions on openSUSE Linux and SuSE Linux.

Future Topics

A SLUUG Special Interest Group

SNUG is also loosely affiliated with the St. Louis Unix Users Group (SLUUG), as one of its Special Interest Groups. Under SLUUG care web page support is provided. Membership dues, fees or other charges are NOT required. These meetings are free, public and open to all.

SLUUG Sponsored meetings in the STL Metro Area

Contact the LUG if you have a presentation you would like to have considered for selection.

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